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June 2007:
Green Before Green Was Cool
Facts About Iodine and Your Health
Spilling the Beans on GMO Products
Recipe of The Month – Smoothies for The Summer
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May 2007:
Upcoming Events
Mercury, Mercurial Lies, and the Liars That Tell Them
Research on Correlation between Autism, Cell Phones, and Wireless Computers
Epilepsy Linked to Gluten Sensitivity
Recipe of the Month – Pistachio Crusted Salmon
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April 2007:
Upcoming Events
Nutritional Balancing Programs For Children
Do Toxins Slow The Metabolism?
Asthma Patients Need More Antioxidants
Recipe of the Month – Favorite Salad Recipes
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March 2007:
Upcoming Events
The Miracle of Green Tea
Sucralose/Splenda – How Bad is it?
Recipe: Pear Crisp – A Healthy But Tasty Dessert
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February 2007:
Upcoming Events
Sun and Seafood May Curb Lymph Cancer
Does Fish Oil Lower Cholesterol
Mothers Fish Oil Supplements Benefits Kids Brains
Recipe: Garbanzo Noodle Casserole
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January 2007:
Recipe: Potage of Broccoli
No antibiotics for ear infections – ‘Watchful waiting’ OK for common illness to
avoid drug resistance
The Benefits of Chocolate Part II
Exercise Better Than Drugs at Relieving Depression
Health: Life, Garlic and the Pursuit of Healthiness
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December 2006:
Good News for Chocolate Lovers
Milk Thistle for Diabetes?
Sugary Diets Raise Risk of Pancreatic Cancer Sharply
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November 2006:
Women and Exercise
New Studies Agree Fish Benefits Outweigh Risks
Recipe of the Month: Baba Ghanouj – A Healthy Holiday Dip
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October 2006:
Are Your Still Drinking Soda
Chemicals Taking Their Toll
Recipe of the Month: Lentil Vegetable Soup
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September 2006:
A Healthier Way to Eat Watermelon
Is Gluten Intolerance A Problem For You?
Recipe of the Month: Minted Rice
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June 2006:
Vitamin K vs Osteoarthritis
Vitamin D May Diminish Breast Cancer Risk Drastically
Secondhand Smoke Linked to Diabetes Risk
Recipe of the Month: TRITONE SALAD
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May 2006:
Is Your House Killing You?
CoQ10 and Statins: The Vitamin C Connection
Kids may get excess fluoride from beverages
Recipe of the Month
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April 2006:
Some Sleeping Pill Users Range Far Beyond Bed
Oily Fish Makes ‘Babies Brainier’
Not milk? New Research Questions Value – If Not Safety – of Dairy
The 266 Days that Determine Your Future Health
Recipe of the Month
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March 2006:
Possible Side Effects of NutraSweet
Vitamin D May Lower Some Cancer Risk: Benefits Seen for Breast, Colon, and Ovarian Cancer
Fish Oil Can Prevent Airway Constriction in Asthma
Babies Raised on Organic Food that Parents Cannot Afford Themselves
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Fall 2005:
Upcoming Events
Rise of Obesity in Children
How Safe are Flu Vaccines?
Pain Relievers and Breast Cancer Risk
Vinyl Lunch Boxes Containing Lead!!
Nutriferon- New Product to Boost the Immune System
Butter Versus Margarine
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Summer 2005:
Foods with high Pesticide levels
Benefits of a Banana
Arsenic in Chicken
CoQ10 and Improvement in L. Ventricular Diastolic Function of the heart
Waist Size and Type 2 Diabetes
Benefits of Calcium Supplementation during Adolescents Ritalin and
St. John’s Wort plus Hypericum and Depression
Calcium and Colorectal precancerous Adenomas
New Type of Healing
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Spring 2005:
Environmental Toxins and Children’s Vulnerability to their Damage
Sleep – The Silent Healer
Is Chocolate “Healthy Food”?
Folate and Blood Pressure
Herbal Remedy for Migraines
Benefits of Calcium Supplementation during Adolescents Ritalin and
Cancer Risk
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Winter 2005:
What’s Up With Vitamin E?
New Take on Autism
Obesity & Sleep Deprivation
Is Sucralose (Splenda) Safe?
Lead in Daily Products
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Fall 2004:
Botanical Medicine News from
Columbia University
Is Metabolic Typing for You?
New Tests for ADD and Autistic
Spectrum Kids
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Fall 2003:
Women’s health and longevity
New food allergy testing
Comments on the South Beach Diet
Children’s health tidbits
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