Renee Will Help Your Children Improve All Aspects of Their Health & Wellness

Our Comprehensive Holistic Health programs provide solutions for every day kids as well as integrative care for children with special needs such as PDD/NOS, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and ADHD. Ms. Simon is certified to work with special needs children using the popular DAN (Defeat Autism Now) protocol to find biochemical abnormalities and use diet and nutrition to help restore the body to natural balance.

Our Balanced Approach Includes Dietary Interventions and Nutritional Testing and Supplements When Needed.

The Following are Some of Our Services:

Dietary recommendations to improve blood sugar balance, leading to better attention/ focus and fewer mood swings.
Food elimination diets for children with food sensitivities, allergies, asthma or chronic ear infections.
“Drug-free” immune system enhancement to achieve wellness without antibiotics.
Weight management programs to help children “feel better” and not focus on how they look.
Clinical testing when needed to find nutritional imbalances.
Comprehensive Interview
Computerized Dietary and Nutritional Evaluations

Helping Children Stay Healthy & Balanced

“Renee’s programs provide “Drug-Free” immune system enhancement to provide wellness without antibiotics. Her dietary recommendations improve blood sugar balance, leading to better attention/focus and fewer mood swings. “We saw dramatic results in our daughter within 3 weeks. Results were beyond our furthest expectations.”
– P.K., Connecticut.

“Our son has had no more ear infections and we saw an immediate improvement in his disposition, an unanticipated result!”
– P.G., New York

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