To Help The Body Restore to Natural Balance

When we give our body pure, healthy food, get enough rest and exercise, breathe deeply, and fill our thoughts with positive messages, healing happens naturally. I can coach you in each of these areas to help your body heal itself.

To Use Food, Nutrients, Movement, Counseling and Breath Work to Aid Spontaneous Healing to Begin

Knowing what to eat and how to prepare it so that it is both healthy and delicious is an art that most people need to learn. I will teach you what foods and nutrients work best for your health concerns and life style. In addition we will put a comprehensive program together for you to maximize your energy, balance your hormones, improve your sleep, and help with stress relief and weight management.

To Work With Each Individual to Address the Underlying Physical & Emotional Causes That Hinder Wellness – Not Just The Symptoms

So many of my patients report going to other health care providers who only look at the presenting symptoms and not the driving forces behind them. When we just remove the symptoms without identifying the cause of our problems, they often come back again to haunt us. My detailed evaluation and assessment and biochemical clinical testing is designed to understand what is going on physically and emotionally with each patient so that the causes to your problems can be identified and then addressed systematically.

To Help Each Individual Achieve Optimal Health Regardless of Where They are in the Journey

My goal with each patient is to give you the necessary tools to take your health to a new level. I recognize that every one who sees me comes from a different place and has different goals and levels of commitment. I have a saying that I often tell my patients, “I love you no matter where you are at.” If I teach you five things and you only implement two then you are headed in the right direction. It is up to you to decide what life style changes you are willing to embrace and when you are ready. I will commit to a patient-centered approach and promise to be caring, compassionate, and get you the results you are looking for!

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