Client No Longer Pre-diabetic!

Here is a recent testimony from Karen B.

“My journey started a couple of years ago with a pre-diabetic A1C test. I am thin and a healthy eater so was surprised. I consulted with my Nutritionist friend and yoga teacher Renee Simon, who recommended a few basic supplements and one for managing blood sugar. I started taking them not consistently and my blood sugar was about the same or a little lower but still pre-diabetic. For the last year I decided to get more serious about it and was consistently taking the supplements daily. I had a physical coming up with a blood draw and I was concerned because I was on vacation the week before the blood was taken and eating a lot more desserts and other unhealthier foods. I was very pleasantly surprised, however, when my doctor called and told me I now had normal blood sugar. I am completely convinced that it was my consistency with taking the vitamins which regulated my system and how I process glucose. I plan on continuing as I want to prevent diabetes and am so grateful for Renee’s recommendations. I highly recommend you seek her help if you are concerned with diabetes or any other preventable disease.”

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