Master Your Metabolism This Fall!

Are you ready to lose weight, feel more fit & get energized?

Transform Your Health This Fall – Join Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist Renee Simon’s  2 week program to master your metabolism and jumpstart optimal health & weight balance!

Easy-to-follow program that will take your health and wellness to the next level. Simple, Comprehensive, and Science Based.

This program is for people who want to:

Get rid of sugar and carbohydrate cravings

Lose weight and inches while building muscle

Improve digestion, mental clarity and overall well-being

Feel more energetic

Reduce pain and inflammation

Reduce bloating and and other factors that inhibit weight loss

Boost Immunity

The program: Let’s talk about METABOLISM! What the heck is it?

You might say it’s “how many calories I burn” or “how quickly I burn calories.” Yes, that is part of it, but it’s so much more! We want you to have a foundational knowledge of metabolism so you know how to support it and WHY we do what we do in this group.

WHAT IS METABOLISM? Simply put, it’s the chemical reactions that turn the food you eat into the energy your body needs for growth, repair, and more.

Your metabolism is working 24/7. Your body needs the energy and molecules produced by metabolism for so many things. Like:

  • Breathing
  • Circulating blood
  • Digesting food
  • Growing and repairing cells
  • Regulating body temperature

HOW DOES IT AFFECT YOUR WEIGHT? Metabolism has a direct impact on weight loss and weight gain. When you take in fewer calories than your body needs, your metabolism will “burn” your stored energy (aka fat) as fuel. When you consume MORE calories than your body needs, the excess energy is stored as fat.

Did you know “calorie” is just a fancy term for a unit of energy? That’s why the relationship between the calories you consume and the calories you burn is called your ENERGY BALANCE.

And guess what? You can manage your metabolism by keeping that energy balance in check. You’re about to learn all the BEST ways to do this! 💪

We are excited about that because a healthy metabolism isn’t only about weight, it’s also going to support so much more, including digestion, energy levels, and hormone balance. 🔥

Contact me for more information and to join this program (914) 760-7763 or [email protected].