Solar Eclipse 2024

Solar eclipses are a watch worthy natural phenomena and this year we can view it across the United States with 90% or more clarity from many places. But what other meaning does a solar eclipse have? The sight of the moon passing in front of the sun, gradually obscuring its light can be viewed not only with awe but with insight. Here are some things to consider if you are an eclipse fan:

  1. If you are able to view the eclipse outside it’s an opportunity to connect with the natural world and feel the largeness of nature and the cosmos. When we are able to do this regularly it helps us to focus less on ourselves as individuals and any problems or challenges we are facing, even if only for a short time
  2. If you are able to watch the eclipse with a group of folks, sharing in the excitement and wonder of nature, helps us to connect with each other and feel that sense of bonding and community that is so important for physical and emotional health and well-being
  3. Lastly if you are interested in self-growth, eclipses are sometimes associated with new beginnings, personal renewal, and societal transformation

Regardless of your reasons to see the eclipse, I hope you enjoy the experience because you’ll have to wait another 20 years for this opportunity to come again.