The Key to a Contented Mind: Embracing Patience

“Patience is the key to a contented mind.” This simple wisdom, tucked inside a fortune cookie, resonated deeply with me. As I reflected on my life, I realized how impatience had often led me astray, propelling me into both triumphs and pitfalls.

From my earliest memories, I sprinted through life—walking early, potty training swiftly, and eager to grow up. But this haste came at a cost. I hung out with an older crowd, faced a near-fatal car accident at 16, and rushed into marriage. My career followed a similar trajectory—advancing without true purpose until stress forced me to pause.

The Turning Point: Healing and Reflection

Chronic Fatigue and Epstein Barr Virus halted my relentless pace. Forced to evaluate physical and emotional depletions, I embarked on a healing journey. I addressed old trauma, revamped my lifestyle, and emerged with newfound clarity.

A New Path: Health and Wellness

I became a Nutritionist and mindfulness coach, blending my passion for helping others with patience. But even now, I recognize impatience lingering. So, as I enter the last third of my life, I commit to slowing down. I’ll quiet my mind, embrace stillness, and follow my heart. Contentment lies not in doing more, but in being more.

What about your contented mind? Perhaps it, too, awaits the gentle touch of patience.