Fish Recipes

Most of my clients are uneasy about cooking fish. The key is to have some good marinades to use. If you marinade any fish it will be delicious baked, broiled or grilled. My favorite marinades are my favorite salad dressings: Paul Newman’s Light Italian Vinaigrette, Annie’s Low-fat Gingerly Vinaigrette, and Provencal Marinade which is made […]

Salads & Dressings

My Favorite Dressings are: Paul Newman’s Light Italian (has no corn syrup or hydrogenated oils) Annie’s Low-fat Ginger or Raspberry Vinaigrette (has no corn syrup or hydrogenated oils). Garbage Salad – This recipe came from one of my favorite clients 1 Cup Mixed Organic Greens or Spinach Leaves Add What Ever Vegetables you Have – […]

Take Charge of Your Health

By Janis Gibson – Published in Wrap, April 2006, reprinted with permission of Hersam Acorn Newspapers, Ridgefield, Connecticut. Many people who have been through a serious illness or medical setback will later say that as difficult as it was at the time, they have been changed for the better; that the experience allowed them to […]

To Continue Fertility Treatments or Adopt, That is the Question?

By: Renee A. Simon, MS, CNS I’ve worked with many Resolve clients over the years who ponder this question, and I had to answer it myself, twelve year sago. The following are some things for you to think about if you are evaluating this decision. First is your age and health status. Are you in […]

Natural Fertility Boosters for Women Over 35

By Renee A. Simon, MS, CNS Many women today are waiting longer to conceive their first and second children. This is usually due to either establishing a career first or marrying late or just waiting because they are not ready. It is sometimes a surprise when a year or two goes by and there is […]

Natural Approaches to Infertility & Other Problems

By: Renee A. Simon, M.S. Clinical Nutritionist Are there natural approaches that may boost your chances of fertility? For many couples the answer is an resounding yes. My interest in this topic began with my own infertility several years ago. My husband and I tried to conceive without success. We went to several fertility specialists […]

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Simon Says Integrated Medicine is Best

NCNLocal News + Information Services, JUNE 29, 2011 SOUTH SALEM – A bout with Epstein-Barr virus in the early 1990s changed the course of Renee Simon’s life, and has ultimately helped her to change the lives of many others. Although she was a vegetarian and ran more than 30 miles a week, she found that […]

Losing Weight is Never Easy But Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore

Food & Drink – Jan 3, 2007 By Jeannette Ross After six weeks of saying “What the heck, it’s the holidays!” January often brings with it a day of nutritional reckoning, and resolutions for more healthful eating. Unfortunately, many people find their efforts at healthful living to be no fun at all, and soon enough […]

Patent Trader Interview

by DANA NAIM March 10, 2005 Losing weight doesn’t have to be a never-ending battle Healthy choices and smaller portions will keep off pounds For Dorie Everin, being married to a chef for 26 years had proved difficult when it came to maintaining her figure. And at the age of 50, losing weight and keeping […]

New York Times Interview

SCHOOL LUNCH; What If Carrots Came in Chocolate?  By KATHERINE ZOEPF (NYT) “HOW about some veggies, sweetie?” Fran Cortina asked a little girl wearing a purple flowered bandana, who was carrying a single slice of cheese pizza on her Styrofoam tray. “Come on, try some!” The purple bandana ducked and giggled, and whisked by a […]

This Nutritionist Knows Whereof She Speaks

Thursday, May 25, 2000, The Ridgefield Press By Hilary S Wolfson Several years ago IBM corporate executive Renee Simon had a sore throat that wouldn’t go away. From there, debilitating symptoms ensued- everything from severe fatigue muscle aches and pains to depression and general malaise. Eventually diagnosed with the Epstein-Barr Virus (commonly known as Chronic […]

Nutritionist’s View: What’s Ailing Kids today?

March 9, 2000 The Lewisboro Ledger Lewisboro, N.Y. 5A by RENEE SIMION Clinical Nutritionist I used to see mostly adults in my practice. Now I see children with learning disabilities, autistic children, children with immune system problems, like ear infections, allergies or bouts of colds and flu. Digestive problems, migraines and other illnesses are also […]

Spring Cleaning For Body, Mind & Spirit

Light Voices, May 1999 By Renee Simon, Nutrition Consultant You hear the birds chirping and see the flowers budding and right about now you start think lug about doing a spring cleaning. Perhaps you’ll plan to get your windows or house power-washed. Maybe you’ll arrange a liaison with a cleaning company to get the cob […]